CS:GO Inventory Booster

How does CS:GO Inventory booster work?


Our system was designed to provide the largest database of CS:GO sites that allow you to grab some free money of their promotions. Most profitable section of Inventory Boost is the gambling section where you are about to discover many CS:GO sites providing gambling services. All of those sites are promoting themselves by letting the users invite new players - also called as an affiliate marketing. By sharing our special code with our site visitors all participating sides take their advantage. Most of the bonus taking the new player, the bonus might be a few cents ( usually $0.30 ) or a $1-2 depending on the site. That doesn't sound like a lot of money but by using the simple math you will realize that by using just 50 codes you will earn from $30 to $100 in a few minutes. 

We are trying to add as many sites as possible and create the world largest database of CS:GO sites. The best way how to check for new sites and promotions is to visit our website every week for the new updates. We are usually adding 1-3 new sites each week depending on the quality of the sites. The quality is really important to us because we don't wanna waste your time by sharing scam sites. Every single site added at our list was tested by one of our team members. This ensures the security of our clients and provides the best quality possible. Sadly, even a site that passed our filter can still turn into the scam in time. If that happens just let us know and we will remove the site immediately.

What kind of sites can you find at Inventory booster? First of all its list of verified CS:GO gambling sites where we tried to provide the largest database of casino sites possible. In that list, you can find all the available casinos include the case opening and jackpot sites. Even if we made a separated category for each of them in the Gambling list you can find just everything together at one place. We are aslo intrested in betting and trading with bots so you can find many sites in each category. 

Are you ready to get free CS:GO skins?

No tricks, no completing offers and not any kind of deposits! Just choose one of the sites out of our category and grab your free CS:GO skins now. The total amount of free CS:GO skins is always displayed in the top right corner of Inventory Boost. That's the amount you can get if you grab all the codes and use them! Our service will be always free and we will never charge any membership fees. If you are an owner of any of CS:GO websites and you don't see your site added then just write the message containing your website at our email. 

Wanna know more about CS:GO promo codes?

Sure, let me explain you exactly what is CS:GO promo code and how does it work. Imagine you are a huge web service like Hellcase and you wanna attract new users. What are the possible tools you gonna use? Are you gonna buy advertise on television? Probably not because that's extremely expensive and ineffective. The other way you can promote your website is to ask Twitch streamers and YouTubers. That's how many rich sites getting their customers at the first place. The problem with this method is that the money spent at one Youtuber can be around $2000 per streamer. That's a huge amount of cash. The third option is to use online advertising services like Google Adsense with is an effective method but still not the cheapest one.

So what is the cheapest method? CS:GO websites found that most effective is to generate simple referral code and let the peoples share it with each other. Officaly it has been named as a CS:GO promo codes. CS:GO promo codes are the cheapest method of promoting the own website. Instead of paying a large amount of cash to strangers you are paying directly to the referred users. The amount included in one promo code may be truly unlimited.

How to apply CS:GO promo code?

The process of applying CS:GO promo code depends on the site you are about to visit. In most of cases, you will be encountered with a text called "Intrest Promo Code Here" or just a "Code" place. Some sites also use "FREE CASE" code instead of the classic promo code. After you copy-paste of the code from our site to the website, you will be rewarded with an exact amount of free credits or free cash. Some sites don't use the classic CS:GO promo code but they using an affiliate link. If you are about to use affiliate link your account will be credited after your first login in. You won't be in a need of applying promo code on your own. I'm sure now after our explanation its all clear.