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Full CS:GO betting sites list:

Casino:Description:Promo code:
CS:GO FastFree credits to start with after using our promo code.7661Z
Drake LoungeYou will get $1 of free bet with our code.CZEFREE
UnikrBased in UK, providing real money bets.-
BetWayReal money betting.-
BetAtHomeOnly for UK players.-
WilliamHillYou can bet on CS:GO majors.-
PinnacleTrusted site that also provides RM CS:GO betting.-
Marathon BetSometimes offering eSports betting.-
eSportGamingLow playerbase. Not recommended.-

CS:GO betting sites

Are you confident enough to predict with one of the CS:GO Pro teams gonna win this season?  If yes, go ahead and select one of the CS:GO betting sites listed above! Betting on any kind of sport was always the most popular way of how to share your emotions with them and how to get even closer to your team. Since CS:GO was officially established as an eSport many sites comes out with the ability to make a bet on your favorite team. CS:GO betting sites offer different betting options starting with just a simple bet on a winning team to which of players is gonna plan the first bomb. Most of the sites accepting only bets in skins or virtual coins. That's caused by a hard regulation of hazard industry and also betting just with skins may be considered as a "gray zone" in some countries. Of course, you can meet official pages that still gonna offer CS:GO betting according to the law but it's very few of them and they are probably banned in your country anyway. Also, dont forget that to use CS:GO betting sites you should be at least 18 years old.

What you should watch out while betting on CS:GO matches

Before you start to bet with your precious skins you should follow simple rules to not get scammed. At first always check out the CS:GO betting site history from a reputable source. We suggest to check out our list of betting sites and if you find the site in there it's most likely trusted one. Also, you can use Google or Reddit to help you with your concerns. Next common mistake is that peoples don't base their analysis of teams at real statistical data rather than just on feelings. There are many sites around that provides detailed statistics of each team - their most favorite maps, how much matches they won in the last time and the most important factor - if they ever played vs teams they are about to play now. If you don't wanna make your own analysis you can use also some popular YouTubers with have channels focused at CS:GO betting. Collecting all of the useful data can greatly increase your chances of winning. If you are too afraid of betting you can rather try CS:GO gambling with is difficult for beginners.

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