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CS:GO Case Opening Sites 2018

Discover the most popular and high-profit CS:GO case opening sites of 2018. Our list is created only of the tested and paying sites. 

Code : 24729

Code : 47142

Code : 999777

Code : 999777

Code : promoclub


Code : @Ju1ce

Code : 4434228


Code : czefree

Code : czefree

Code : 999777

Code : czefree

Code : 7348971

Code : ju1ce

Top CS:GO case opening sites avaiable in 2018

Our list is created only of the tested and paying sites. Our Moderators went to each of this sites and tested them with our own money to ensure that site has no rigged rates or is just completely scam. If you are tired of the bad rates inside of the CS:GO official game then let's take a look together at some of the best case opening sites.

What makes unofficial CS:GO cases to be so popular?

Wanna get a 5% chance on opening the FN Dragon lore? Just pay 5 euro and go for it. That's the main idea hidden behind the CS:GO Case opening sites of 2018. To let the users get whatever skin they want and to let them customize their odds. The best thing about opening CS:GO cases from unofficial source is that you can completely remove the blue and gray items if you want to. Just customize your own case and throw the worthless skins away! 

Are those case opening sites legit?

All of the CS:GO case opening sites operate in a "grey" zone. They are hated by the Valve company because they cut their profits but they at other hands they aren't getting any kind of penalization. They are just being tolerated. Why does Valve tolerate them? Because if they started to ban them they would have to admit that CS:GO case opening is just a gambling and nothing more. For a company like a Valve is completely unacceptable to claim that they offering a gambling to the kids inside of their own platform. 

How to never get scammed again 

✅ Always check for the site history and reputation. If you put the URL of the site in Google and nothing is coming out then you most likely encountered scam site.

✅ The FREE bonus is usually never larger than $2. If you encounter a case opening site that offering $25 or $50 for free it's most likely a scam site.

✅ Did you get a knife from your first roll of the bonus money and then you were asked to deposit $10 and more? It can happen, but usually is this tactic used by shady sites that only want to lure the money out of you and never send you your skins!

✅ Always check our list if the site was added and tested by us. Only by that, you can be sure that case opening site you chose is legit. ( We don't guarantee that the site won't scam one day, it was working for us in the time we tested it ) .

What is the best CS:GO case opening strategy in 2018?

Keep in mind that any of the CS:GO case opening strategy is always based on luck. 

✅ The 50 / 50 strategy - Are you willing to pay no more than a half of the skin value? Then try out your luck with a case that has 50% chance to on drop. This is the most popular case opening strategy ever. 

✅ The 70 / 30 profit case - If you wanna feel a bit safer and you won't mind spending a little more money to get your skin then set the win rate of your desired skin to 70 %.

✅ The "Little Profit" case - Set the drop chance to 90% and roll the dice. You have 90% chance to get your skin with a great discount. 

✅ The "Gaben" case - Make your own case and set the knife drop rate to 0.01 %. Fill the rest of the case with worthless 3 cent items and keep spinning. You have the same chance to get a knife like in official case from Gaben but you don't have to pay the 2.45$ for the key. Usually, this case costs only a few cents.  

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