Full list of all CS:GO case opening sites :

Year:Site name:Free money:Promo code:Custom cases:
2017Holy Boost$0.7024729Yes
2017Lucky Cases$0.3047142No
2017Flame Cases$0.30999777No
2017CSGO Kingdom$0.50999777Yes
2017Wild Case$0.50WILDCASE2017Yes
2017GO Case$1.35Credits after first login.No
2017Case Jump$1.00CZEFREEYes
2016Open CSGO$1.00Credits after first login.No
2016Drake Moon$0.454434228Yes
2016Daddy Skins%5 cashbackCashBackNo
2016Skin Hub$0.50CZEFREEYes
2016Case Random$0.45Credits after first login.No
2016CSGO Live$0.40ju1ceYes

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CS:GO Case opening sites

Back in time unknown site called Hellcase introduced a completely new way how we open the cases now. CS:GO Case opening sites is a large group of sites that allow you to open their premium cases or even create your own case. Wanna get a 5% chance on opening Dragon lore FN? Sure, just pay 5 euro and go for it. That’s the main idea hidden behind the CS:GO Case opening sites. To let the users get whatever skin they want and to let them customize their odds. The best thing on opening CS:GO cases from unofficial source is that you can completely remove the blue and gray items if you want to. Just customize your own case and throw the worthless skins away! And thats not all, the benefits only continue. For the official Steam case, you are forced to spend $2.65 on the case key first. But on the CS:GO case opening site you never have to throw money away for such worthless item as a case key. You can fully focus on creating the best odds for you and beating the official cases.

You may be thinking now that is not possible to create a better case than from Steam but let’s take a closer look at it. The official case has about 0.25% chance to drop a knife. Now, lets put the same odds in a case creator on a site called HolyBoost. After throwing some random skins into the case and putting one knife with value $150 the whole case price was only $0.54.  That’s 5x less than you would pay in official case. Are you surprised by this facts? Then go ahead and choose one of the CS:GO case opening sites. I would personally never open the official case anymore because the odds and price are so bad and unfair to the player.

All the sites listed in this category was tested by our team. Be aware of scam sites listed at other sites casino lists.

How to play safe CS:GO Cases

Check out our quick guide and never get scammed by the shady sites again!

✅ Always check for the domain history and reputation. If you put the URL of the site in Google and nothing is coming out then you most likely encountered scam site.

✅ The bonus is usually never larger than $2. If you encounter case opening site that offering $25 or $50 for free it’s most likely a scam site.

✅ Did you get a knife from your first roll of the bonus money and then you were asked to deposit $10 and more? It can happen, but usually is this tactic used by shady sites that only want to lure the money out of you and never send you your skins!

✅ Always check our list if the site was added and tested by us. Only by that, you can be sure that case opening site you choose is legit.