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Full list of CS:GO Coinflip sites :

Casino:Promo code:Free coins:
CSGO Atseczefree1000
CSGO ArenaCredits for first login.0.50
CSGO MassiveYVVXZ0.50
CSGO Speed4EF5C08C4D0.05

CS:GO Coinflip

Have you ever made a bet you regretted later, and you used a coinflip to decide on it? Then you can make the same mistake again with your CS:GO items!  CS:GO coinflip sites offering you to take your most valuable items and bet them against somebody else. Rules are as simple as the CS:GO coinflip may be. Winner takes it all and loser ends up in tears. Of course, sometimes you can just feel that luck might be on your side and you will bet all your skins and actually a win but that's extremely not likely to happen. The only issue we have with CS:GO coinflip is that winner loses everything. At the CS:GO roulette you can, for example, bet just a part of your coins and use some kinds of strategy to increase your chances but on coinflip you have to take an all your items at once and turn them into a single bet.

The good thing about CS:GO coinflip is actually that your pain ends up pretty quick and you don't have to stress yourself any longer if you will lose or win. The time between you win/lose all your items will be shorter than 5 seconds. It's like a to choose between burn slowly in fire ( roulette ) or die quickly by a gun shoot ( coinflip ). If you don't care that much about winning and you have pure gambler soul then CS:GO coinflip may be a game for you but if you care just a little bit then you will skip this game. From the RNG perspective, there is nothing you can do to beat the odds. You will always have a 50% in each coinflip you play. No matter at your skin value no matter at your own skill this is just 50% RNB bet where the odds will never change. Wanna play such a game? I don't think so. Please save your skins and try another game.

How to beat the odds at CS:GO coin flip sites

Well, you can't really. There is nothing you can do about your 50% chance of winning. Coinflip is the worst game to play if you wanna end up in profit. All I can say is just go and play another game. I know it's funny to watch streamers to bet all their items in a single bet but you are not a streamer. You will lose even the last items that you managed to keep in your inventory. So my only advice is stay smart and keep yourself away from the CS:GO coinflip sites. You actually have a better risk and reward ratio on CS:GO Jackpot where you can get 200-500% of your bet instead of coinflip site where you will always get only 100%.

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