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Full list of CS:GO shops: 

SteamWorld largest CS:GO marketplace.15%
OpskinsBiggest unofficial CS:GO item shop.5% - 10%
Loot MarketPopular shop offering not only CS:GO items.Variable
Bit SkinsCS:GO item shop where you can pay with Bitcoin.5%
CS:GO ShopSite where you can find even 50% discounts.Variable
StoneFireNot as good as the other ones but sometimes can suprise.Variable
GameFlipSlightly older marketplace.Variable
SkinXchangeCS:GO item shop that offers only 5% purchase fees.Variable

Where to buy CS:GO skins

Are you tired of gambling and you rather prefer the straight way of getting skins? We made up a list where you can find all CS:GO skin shops that are available at this moment. There is actually a lot of reasons why you should buy CS:GO skins outside of the official Steam market. First and the biggest advantage is the discounted price of CS:GO items. Usually you can find the deals starting at -15% but if you take your time for a deeper research you can find CS:GO items with a discount -30% and sometimes even -50% and more! Those sites are usually backed with G2A payment system that allows you to use about 20 different payment methods. The largest and most recommended play where to buy CS:GO skins is a site called Opskins with provides an almost unlimited supply of discounted items.

Risks involved using unofficial marketplaces

Buying CS:GO items outside of the official Steam market is always risky. If you don't pick a shop from our list you can never be sure if the site you are dealing with is scam or not. The main problem of unofficial CS:GO marketplaces is that you have to always send the money first with greatly increasing amount of risk involved with every transaction. However many of the unofficial marketplaces are running for years and are a success so there is really a no reason to be afraid of using them. We strongly suggest you to read some online review and experiences about each marketplace you wanna deal with. Usually when a scam marketplace appears peoples already reporting them on Reddit or complaining about it on Youtube.

What are the best CS:GO skins deals you can actually get?

Let's take a closer look at some of the items that are worthy of buying outside of the Steam. The first item you can get significantly cheaper than from the Opskins is AWP Dragon Lore FT. Actual offer on Opskins is $909.98 while the price on the official Steam market isn't going under $1100. That's about $191 you can manage to save in a single transaction! Of course, you can buy also a cheaper item, for example, Karambit Doppler FN with is selling at the Steam market for roughly $340 but Opskins offers it from $260 with is $80 cheaper than from official source.

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