Full list of CS:GO Jackpot sites:

Casino:Small pots:Promo code:
Skin BetYesrJsxbq50
CS:GO DuckYesiccodm
CS:GO Fast No7661z
CS:GO Speed No4EF5C08C4D
CS:GO DepYes8cjmov3957646916
Skins WinYes68554
CS:GO Hunt No
R.I.P SkinsNo
EZ SkinsNo
CS:GO DopeNo
Skin Joker No
Skin ArenaNo
CS:GO SickYes
Skin PvP Yes
CS:GO Bet SharkYes
CS:GO FrogYes

CS:GO Jackpot sites

Do you like the adrenaline rush while you seeing wheel spinning and stopping at your name? Then CS:GO Jackpot sites were most likely made for you. The whole point of CS:GO Jackpot is in the depositing of small amount of items and winning a large pot. I have seen guys winning at CS:GO Jackpot just with $10 and 2.5% chance to win. Imagine you are one of them and walking away with easily made $390 in the pocket. But lets be honest guys, its not that easy how does it look like. If you have a small money and you gonna continuously try to snipe large CS:GO Jackpot then you will most likely fail over time. Odds about 2-3% are strongly against you and you should probably avoid them completely. The great new for you is that even with a small amount of cash you can join the low pot Jackpots. What does that mean? That you don't have to play vs big boys depositing amounts over $1000 in a single round but you will be playing with your equal opponents with pre-set maximum bet. That's usually $10 for small pots, $50 for medium ones and $150 for the big one. In such a game with limited deposits you can easily reach up to 25% of winning chance and that's worth. All of our CS:GO Jackpot sites were tested by our team with our own items.

Be aware of CS:GO Jackpot snipers

How does it work? Some of the peoples realized that is much comfortable to enter the game at the last second because they already know what are their odds of winning. That's called Jackpot sniping and its commonly used on all Jackpot websites. Those peoples can turn your 20% winning odds into 1% in the last second by depositing a lot of items at once. This strategy was introduced by some of the Twitch players that abused their audience and snipped them at purpose ( Phant0mlor ). How to avoid CS:GO Jackpot snipers? Try to watch some rounds before you enter the game with your own items. If you see the same person depositing their items at the very last second of a round them its most likely site infested with Jackpot snipers and you should move on at another. There is really no defense against this shady tactic except if you are sniper yourself and wanna take down another sniper with is also happening a lot. If you didnt get scared after our explanation then go ahead and try CS:GO Jackpot sites yourself or rather try another game from our CS:GO gambling sites list . Good luck.

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