Full list of CS:GO roulette sites:

Casino:Promo code:Free credits:
Green HuntCZEFREE500
CSGO Double.gg12551250
Drake Wing15159721000
Society.ggCZEFREEFree balance
CSGO ExclusiveCZEFREE5000
CSGO ArenaCredits for first login.0.50
CSGO Fast7661Z50
CSGO Casinoczefree500
CSGO Speed4EF5C08C4D0.05
CSGO Atseczefree1000

CS:GO Roulette Sites List

CS:GO roullete is the most iconic game. The first established online casino ever focused on betting with CS:GO items had a CS:GO roulette as their first game. Whats so amazing about it and why is everyone mainly playing this game? It's easy to learn, you don't need previous experiences to play CS:GO roulette and you can learn the whole game under 1 minute. Next thing that brings CS:GO roulette at the top of the list is that this game has an amazing payout list. You will be always rewarded with exact 2x amount of your bet and if you are lucky enough you can even hit the 14x multipler. If you are familiar with roulette enough you can dive straight into our CS:GO roulette list and pick one of the verified sites. For those who are not familiar with this game, I will try to quickly explain how to play it.

First of all, we have 3 different colors that can be played. Its red, black and green. Your goal is to predict with of the available colors gonna be the next color on the list. If you use simple math then you will realize that to the odds of hitting green are pretty low - only 1:14. So the best strategy is only to try to predict the red and black color. Are there any tricks you can use while playing at CS:GO roulette sites? Yes, some sites offering you to see the history of the colors that have been picked previously and you can base your predictions on that. Have you seen a red train that has been more than 3-4 rounds long? Then you can easily predict that this situation wont last forever and you can try to bet against this color. Of course, this strategy can easily fail if the train gonna be longer than you expected but that's a part of the game.

General tips for CS:GO roulette

Always bet only small amounts. There is no reason for you to bet your whole balance just because you saw the same color 3 times in a row. Also if you see a long train that counts 6 and more same colored balls its better to not bet against it. It can easily continue for next 7-8 rounds and you will get totally broke. I have seen a train that has been 24 rounds long. If you wanna bet on green do it only when the green didn't hit at least 20 rounds in a row. Statistically, it should hit every 14 rounds but most likely it doesn't. Sometimes it takes 20 rounds sometimes 30 rounds and sometimes you can see the green to hit 3 times in a row. The point of this game is to gain the advantage against casino over time. Patience is your best friend if you plan to play CS:GO roulette. So the only way to win is small bets and patience. If you think you understand the rules now you can freely go and play CS:GO roulette on one of the CS:GO roulette sites displayed above.

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