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CS:GO trading bot sites ( CS:GO Trade Bot )

Are you tired of peoples trying to lowball you with their poor offers but still not giving up on trading? Then check out our CS:GO trading bot sites list that offers you the ability to deal with bots instead of real peoples. Almost every bot of the CS:GO trade bots having a fixed fee of 5% with is reasonable fee compared to the steam marketplace fee (15%) . Our list will guide you thought only verified and tested trade bots.

How to use CS:GO trade bot ?

The only thing you have to do is select one of the CS:GO trading bot sites from above and log in with your Steam account. After logging in you will be offered with a bot items. Usually on the left side of the screen are the bot items and on the right side of the screen are your items. You can see the actual prices of the items and you can freely swap between them. We strongly suggest checking prices at the official Steam market before you make an offer with a bot because sometimes can happend that the items at the bot are wrong/unfair priced. This can happen also in a positive way and you can find many times item that is priced lower than is on the official Steam market and make an easy profit of it.

What you should know before you make your first deal with the bot?

To make sure you will always get your desired items out of the CS:GO trade bot just follow our simple guide.

✅ The first and most important rule is to NEVER deal with a CS:GO trade bot that has Deposit and Withdraw option. Legit bot sites will never ask you to deposit your items first. Sadly, many peoples are getting scammed by this way and there is many “scam” bots around. 

✅ Always use site name in your Steam nickname before you log in on Trade bot site. Each site has a bonus program and your rates will get better by 2-5% – depending on the site. If you see that the rates are extremly high like +15-20% then you probably encountered a scam bot.

✅ Check the market prices before you make your trade offer. Because during of some general events like a CS:GO tournaments prices can be extremely volatile and the bot can have the wrong prices. But dont worry too much, most of the CS:GO trade bots are trying to update their prices daily. Most of the sites are using API from Steam Analyst to provide the most accurate rates.

✅ Bots never talk! If someone adds you on Steam and pretending to be a trading bot and requesting items from you its 100% scam attempt and you should block and report such a person. There is really no reason for a administrator of a bot sites to add you personally. The bot is handling all the job alone.

✅ Check your trade offer before you do a mobile confirmation. Rarely can happen that the requested items from a bot don’t match with the items that were really sent in a trade offer. Scam bots are also abusing this and sending you empty trade offers. 

✅ Dont trust the Google. This may seems to be a obvious advice but recently many of the CS:GO trade bots that were scam was advertising their service via Google Ads and got on the first page of the Google. Dont get fooled by a scammer that is paying for the advertising just to scam you.

✅ And the last and most important advice is – use common sense. If you see a bot that offers you prices that are too great to be true its most likely a scam. I have seen many CS:GO trading bot sites that offered price 30% above the market price and all of them was scam. If you see such a site dont hesitate and report the site to the Steam Community via ticket.

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